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Ad Extension Examples

While a regular text ad is limited to a headline & description, you can “extend” your ad to include much, much more by using ad extensions.

Here’s a sample ad for the fictitious Emerald City Fitness in its ad extension glory:

Quick Tips for using Ad Extensions

  • Ad extensions are not guaranteed to run, so be sure to put essential messages in your ad rather than in your extensions.
  • If you’re not careful, you can end up with several extensions saying the exact same thing; be sure each extension is unique and distinct from the others.
  • Unlike the body of your ad, it’s okay to include extra information in your ad extensions that isn’t on your landing page.
  • Ad extensions don’t cost anything to run, but most incur charges if they’re clicked (review extension clicks are free).

Ad Extensions Overview

Call extensions   (206) 555-5555

People can call you without ever visiting your landing page. You can schedule the hours to only run while your call center is open, and you can use call forwarding to track calls and conversions (based on call duration). Only use call extensions if driving calls aligns with your campaign goals.

More about call extensions at:

Callout extensions Free certified childcare, 24/7 anytime access, No joining fees

Communicate key benefits about your company; common callouts are free shipping and customer service info. Remember to keep essential messages in your ad rather than callouts.

More about callouts at:

Structured snippets   Amenities: Saunas & Pools, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba

Much like callouts, structured snippets give you more room to promote your products and services. Unlike callouts, the snippets are “structured” – meaning they all must fit a specific pre-defined category. Categories included neighborhoods, styles, types, models, and several others.

More about structured snippets at:

Review extensions   Voted #1 King County Fitness Center – Seattle Times

Reviews must be from reputable 3rd parties (think WIRED magazine, not Yelp), and must link to the actual review (can’t be on your site, or gated content). You do not pay for clicks on review extensions.

More about review extensions at:

Sitelinks Class schedules, Personal training, Find a gym near you, Kids Club

Drive people to other pages on your site (not your landing page). Sitelinks usually have a much lower CTR than headline clicks, so you can use them to showcase your offerings and “extend” your ad, even if no one clicks. For best results, make sure the pages you feature as sitelinks have a conversion action that supports your campaign goals.

More about sitelinks at:

Location extensions (not shown)

Location extensions must be synced with Google My Business properties,.