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Let’s audit & fix your AdWords account

You paused your account to stop the bleeding.

You’re not seeing any sales, or even traffic.

You want to know if there’s hope, and everything you read is confusing you more.

With all the settings, targeting methods, bid adjustments, and segments you’ve got in the interface, there are likely some things you’ve overlooked that are costing you big money.

I’ll review your account live while we’re on the call together and walk you through your best opportunities, explain any settings you were wondering about, and show you how to get the most value from your campaigns.

I’ve been managing AdWords accounts since 2004, I’m certified in all 5 areas of emphasis, and also certified in Google Analytics. I know what questions to ask, what settings to check, and what options to use to get you the most value from your account.

Schedule a call on-demand and get 1-on-1 support

It’s that easy. You don’t need to commit to a package or sign up for a costly mentoring program. When you work with me, you get immediate, personalized consulting to help you find the next steps and take action.

Requires sharing your CID (AdWords Client ID) or running a screen share of your account.

Call is $150 for the hour, and you only pay for time used.