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The Magic of Segmentation with Amy Hebdon

In today’s episode, Amy is talking to herself for a change! Segmentation is something she gets super excited about, so this episode won’t be lacking. She’s talking about what segmentation is, how to get really good at it, and how not to get lost in it.   Highlights & Takeaways: Segmentation is what allows you […]

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Aggressive AdWords Ads & The New World of Conquesting

Aggressive AdWords Ads & The New World of Conquesting

  In today’s Mini episode, Amy & James are talking about the current landscape of businesses using aggressive AdWords tactics, using competitor’s names, and finding creative solutions for targeting other brands. What does conquesting look like today, and how has it changed over the years? What belongs on your landing page when you’re trying to […]

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Emily Emmer Podcast

Variance Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization with Emily Emmer

Today, Amy is challenging Emily Emmer to break down some preconceived notions around conversion rate optimization. Emily is talking about achieving organizational goals, understanding and using your data, and much more.   Highlights & Takeaways: Conversion rate optimization often goes hand-in-hand with analytics The job of a conversion rate optimization strategist is simply to make […]

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Podcast Episodes 11

PPC, CRO & Mobile – with Bryant Garvin

Today, we’re talking with Bryant Garvin about all things CRO. With over a decade worth of experience, he’s got a ton of insight to share. Highlights & Takeaways True CRO is about optimizing the user experience and user interface throughout the entire process. Sending qualified traffic isn’t enough. If the users aren’t converting, it seems […]

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Research-Driven A/B Testing with Nick Disabato

  Today Amy is talking with Nick Disabato about research-driven A/B testing for PPC marketers. Nick runs a CRO agency that specializes in A/B testing for growing businesses, and he’s authored a book about interaction design. He’s got a unique approach and ability to solve expensive problems businesses are facing, and he’ll share his thought […]

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The Dark Magic of Conversion Copywriting with Joanna Wiebe

This episode is called the Dark Magic of Conversion Copywriting, but it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek. I’m talking with Joanna Wiebe, who is the original conversion copywriter. She’s also the founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory. and has optimized copy for Wistia, Buffer, Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, Shopify, Rainmaker and countless others. Take-Aways and Highlights Conversion copywriting […]

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Matt Umbro

Ad Copy Wizardry with Matt Umbro

Today we’re talking to Matt Umbro about how to write richer, specific, and more compelling text ads by using ad extensions, extended headlines, ad customizers, and dynamic ads. Matt is the founder and moderator of PPCChat, a weekly twitter conversation on paid search related topics. He’s a Senior Account Manager and Head of the Community […]

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